The 6 Mistakes Easily Made In Google Workspace, That Can Have You Lose Control Over Your Business.

The definitive guide to keeping control of your business.

Google Workspace is a brilliant tool… but… If you are relying on the platform’s effectiveness alone… you could be putting your whole business at risk.

Breaking any of these 6 components could have you lose control over your business.

Manage and fix these 6 elements of your Google Workspace … then you will be operating your business with a greater degree of control over all your valuable assets.

Our special guide covers these 6 components in detail.

We’ve seen businesses in strife and you too may be leaving yourself vulnerable and putting your business at risk if you don’t address them.

So grab a copy of the guide now and start taking care of your most valuable business assets!

Hi I’m Duncan Isaksen-Loxton,

Managing Director of SixFive … Specialists and Certified Google Workspace Partners… with over 20 years of web development and business experience.

This guide does three things:

  • Mitigate Risk. What specifically to avoid doing… in order to keep your valuable business data and IP secure
  • Safeguard. Safeguard against loss of valuable files and data… and disruption from viruses
  • Be More Productive. How to save up to 4 wasted hours a week of lost productivity per employee

If you’ve already gone ahead and set up your business on Google Workspace… and used the set-up wizard… then you’ve probably already made some of these mistakes… and you will want to go back and fix these issues.

If you haven’t yet set it up, then you will definitely need this guide.per employee Learn what happened to one business owner who neglected his website

Grab the guide: The 6 Things You Can Break in Google Workspace that Could Have You Lose Control Over Your Business

Client Testimonials

Scott Harris
Director, Scott Harris & Associates
Working with SixFive allows us to take the hassle out of managing our Email and File Storage solutions, providing us with an easy to use platform that has increased profitability through efficiency and repeat business through customer satisfaction.
Adam Wood
Director, Certified By
We don’t have to worry about this anymore. Instead of the ongoing headaches, distractions and worry, things just work. Our systems are integrated and we have a single point of contact to remediate issues that arise. The setup & installation was a breeze, though I’m sure not so for SixFive :-), it’s the ongoing support & “always there” approach that is most impressive.
Jo Palmer
Founder, Pointer Remote Roles
SixFive are my go to guru’s for everything to do with our WordPress site and GSuite management. They have made the tech side of our business run smoothly and taken a whole lot of work off my hands. Couldn’t recommend more!