IMPORTANT: There are features inherent in your WordPress Website and Google Workspace account, that can compromise all your company data, IP and… potentially derail your business if things really go wrong.

Not to mention the common daily habits of your team and employees that open up additional loopholes and threats to hackers.

You need to know where you stand.

Where these loopholes and potholes are hiding… before you can protect your business.

Did you know there’s a special Security Audit, that will help you keep control over these threats in your business?

Why do you need a Security Audit right now?

Well… While Google Workspace can conveniently function at the centre of your business, there are some settings, features and employee habits, that can compromise all your company data, IP and… potentially derail your business when things go really wrong.

Equally you already know a WordPress Website is a magnet for hackers, waiting to do mischief, hack your site and data and breach confidentiality with your clients.

Hi I’m Duncan Isaksen-Loxton,

Managing Director of SixFive … Specialists and Certified Google Workspace Partners… with over 20 years of web development and business experience.

There is a right way to set up and run Google Workspace in every business and there is a right way to protect your Website too.

And honestly, we being experts at this, have created the Security Audit to help business owners like you.

In the Audit, we cover an all round review of your Domains, DNS hosting and emails, your Google Workspace set up and general security.

We want to check off MX, SPF, DMARC, DKIM & CRM / EDM Tools and much more. Don’t be too worried if you don’t know what these are… This is our area of expertise and we definitely explain it all to you in the Security Audit.

We want you to have a comprehensive view, of any security threats to your business, where they lie and what the best steps are to mitigate those threats.

That way… you shouldn’t be receiving any nasty surprises, like the giant nationals and multinational companies sadly featured in the media.

We honestly want to provide you with some peace of mind, while you continue to run your business with confidence.

And that’s why this Security Audit is on offer.

While this audit is actually valued at $995 you won’t be paying that.

Because it’s such a pivotal part of keeping your business IP assets safe and operating smoothly, we want to make it an easy consideration for you to access.

We decided to make it available to you, for much less… so it becomes a simple decision to get your business assessed and on the way to retaining control.

It’s honestly the very best step you could take right now, towards saving yourself from the headaches of security breaches down the track.

How do you access the Security Audit?

We’ve kept it simple.

You can simply order your Security Audit here and our team will get onto it right away!

Here’s to better control over your business all round!

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton


Client Testimonials

Scott Harris
Director, Scott Harris & Associates
Working with SixFive allows us to take the hassle out of managing our Email and File Storage solutions, providing us with an easy to use platform that has increased profitability through efficiency and repeat business through customer satisfaction.
Adam Wood
Director, Certified By
We don’t have to worry about this anymore. Instead of the ongoing headaches, distractions and worry, things just work. Our systems are integrated and we have a single point of contact to remediate issues that arise. The setup & installation was a breeze, though I’m sure not so for SixFive :-), it’s the ongoing support & “always there” approach that is most impressive.
Jo Palmer
Founder, Pointer Remote Roles
SixFive are my go to guru’s for everything to do with our WordPress site and GSuite management. They have made the tech side of our business run smoothly and taken a whole lot of work off my hands. Couldn’t recommend more!
Price: $1.00