Google DFP Create order – tutorial

A primer on how to create an order with Google Double Click for Publishers (DFP). To use this tutorial, you will need A functioning DFP Account, that you are logged in to A website that has the DFP code correctly installed Advert Creative (graphics) ready to be uploaded The URL of the page the advert will link […]

A primer on how to create an order with Google Double Click for Publishers (DFP). To use this tutorial, you will need

  1. A functioning DFP Account, that you are logged in to
  2. A website that has the DFP code correctly installed
  3. Advert Creative (graphics) ready to be uploaded
  4. The URL of the page the advert will link to

On with the google DFP create order Tutorial:

All right! Welcome everybody. Today we’re going to look on how to upload an advert and get it to start showing and the using the Google double click for publishers system. We are going to use the King St Newtown website for this example, on the right hand side here you see we’ve got a side bar with some call to actions in it. We’re going to add an advert down this side bar. We need two things to start before we even decide what we’re going to do. This first thing is we need to be creative, these adverts happen to be International Advertising Board (IAB) standard 125×125 advert. We also need to know the URL, where we’re going to link it.

In this case we’re going to link it to the Martini page so in the search result and here’s the Martini cafe bar. We need to come back to this page to use that URL in a minute, so let’s start with double click. Here’s the homepage of double click and I’m already log in and you can see I’ve got some orders of some adverts that are already engaged and delivering. You can see this Guzman y Gomez one is actually ready, so it hasn’t start delivering yet, but it is pending, so it’s being approved, ready to go.

What we’re going to do is create a new order. That order is going to be called ‘free trial sidebar’ and we’re going to create company called Martini. That’s because they are going to be one of our advertisers. Here we go. Advertiser, I’m going to choose ‘Advertiser’ because they’re going to be paying us to put the adverts on, they’re not on ad network, that syndicates advert and the house advertiser. We are the house advertiser in this, example. All right! The line item is going to be is just going to be just ‘sidebar CTA’ and we’re going to choose one of the custom sizes.

In this case, this 125×125 Button, so this ad match to the advert sizes that is available in the system to be placed on the page. If you choose more than one of this each time then you need to have the artwork ready for those at the same time. In this example, we’re just going to use 125. We need to now decide how we’re going to deliver this advert. In this case we’re going to use standard. It’s not the most, it’s not given the biggest priority, it’s given the standard priority.

This is because the user is more important than the Network ads that we might not get much money for, but Sponsorship with the top there, where will someone is going to give us those billings, so we’re going to choose standard. We’re going to start it immediately and we’re going to stop it on the thirty first of July. We need to decide what is user is actually going to get from this, so in this case we’re going to give them some clicks that’s because we don’t really want it to expire before that happens. I’m going to give them 10,000 clicks, which is unlikely to occur, given the level of the traffic we have before these days.

Now, that’s going to throw an error or at least a DFP is going to give us an indication that’s not probably achievable, but that’s fine at this point. We can then decide what the rate would be for this advert, decide then we’re going to pay $50 for that. Sorry, cost per click, my apologies 0.05 that will be five cents, which means I pay $500 for 10,000 clicks. If this is to be achievable, we’re probably want to the end time to be infinite and then it would expire once the click is being achieved. We can also add a discount on this $500 and make it free.

We’re going to decide if we’re going to adjust this delivery. We’re going to deliver those impressions evenly or we can deliver them as fast as possible which means they’re going to get the most air time on every page that this appears. We’re going to give evenly for the moment  and that is between all the other ad units that are all so in this, sorry, all the other adverts that are in this ad unit. We’re going to use one or more for display creatives that says as well if this order has one or more pieces of creative and there’s more than one ad units on the page can we display more than one advert at a time for this particular company. We’re going to say yes to that.

We’re going to go one or more, they’re don’t in this particular example though. Then we can choose other things which we wont go into now. Next, we have to decide where we are going to show it. In this case we’re going just we’re going to use the single ad unit. I’m going to choose the third position on the side bar, so I’m going to include that over here. If I wanted to, I could also use some custom criteria then other items down here. We’re not going to go in to those right now.

Now I’ve got everything set. I’m going to save. I’m going to upload my creatives. I’ve got my creative ready just here select both of those I only want that one. Here’s my jpeg file name Martini Café, just while it uploads. The system is also going to check the artwork to make sure that the dimensions are correct. So I’m going to give that a little name there and of course we need that URL from earlier. Here I’m going to go copy that and I’m going to paste that in here, so 125×125 here we go, we’re all set.

We’re not going to click save on that, there’s my image, the status is active and there’s nothing, because it hasn’t shown yet. Now, right up here says that this is a draft and unreserved order which means we have to go back to the order. We got a line item. We now have to approve the order. Once we have uploaded all the line items. I’m going to click approve and DFP changed it to ready which means it’s now ready to be displayed.

Now, it takes a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so before those adverts do start to appear. We’ll come back to this in a bit. Hopefully, we’ll see those adverts down the side bar where we’re looking at, Guzman y Gomez and Martini. All right! We’ll come back later and see how it goes. Okay, here we are back again and I’ve just refreshed the page and you can that see I’ve got looking straight at Guzman y Gomez and Martini down the side.

If we go in to double click, we’ll see now that we’ve got the Guzman Gomez is now delivering. I’m just going to refresh this page as well and we should see now that the Martini advert we put in is also delivering, looks like not quite yet. We’re at about ten minutes apart, so we’re guessing that it load in a minute. Here we go, we’re done.

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton

Educated as a web developer, with over 20 years of internet based work and experience, Duncan is a Google Workspace Certified Collaboration Engineer and a WordPress expert.
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