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39% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

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From hobby sites to large industry publishers – WordPress is the tool of choice to build a website. Self sufficient editing, thousands of theme’s and a plugin for almost any task you can imagine.

We know how complex this can be, and what it takes to get the balancing act right for you business objectives – ease of use, speed, hosting, google rankings, analytics and integrations we’ve done sites from hobbists, through to millions of views a year.

Build your business with WordPress

We can help you start a new site or care for your existing site.

Design & Development
Your website should work well, look good, make sales and you should be able to manage it yourself.

With a full range of design and development available, plus our 20 years in the industry, your website can shine.

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Care Plans
Regular maintenance, ongoing monitoring and support when you need it to fix or create new functionality.

You employ a mechanic to look after your car – why wouldn’t you do the same for your website?

Care Plans
Managed WordPress Hosting
With a carefully built site that users convert on, looks great and runs fast your website deserves the best place to call home. It’s key to your business and the focus point of your efforts to grow your business.

If it’s not available – you don’t exist.

Wordpress Hosting

Why choose SixFive as your web partner?

For more than 20 years we've been building websites and helping others get their website to enable their business. It's much more than just the website design - architecture, code, speed and the way it is hosted all play a part.

Internet Wiring
Your design is just one part of a successful website. There’s a lot to do around it too – we call it Internet Wiring. External services that provide domain name, security, analytics, search, marketing, pricing and payments to name a few.

We’ll help you wire your website into the rest of the internet so it can do it’s job.

Experience matters
We don’t just grab something off the shelf and use a builder to do all the design of your site – they can be cumbersome, slow and have a learning curve. We assess every part of your site making informed choices for the best results.

Attention to detail makes a good site from ease of administration to end customer experience.

We make a point of being here for you when you need us to help you – we form partnerships with our clients as we both need each other to succeed. What good are we if you can’t get hold of us?

Gone are the days of delays and frustrations not being able to get hold of your web guy!

Looking for a local expert? We're here.

Our team of Web experts are ready for your call. Give us a call on 02 80065082 or use the live chat.

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Let’s make sure your site is fast and always available to support your business.
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Regular maintenance, monitoring and updates for your peace of mind, backed by advice and support when you need it.