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A powerful software suite that is both unique and can change the way you work. Expand your company even more profitably.

Monthly Price
Annual Price

All plans include

  • Lead capture pages
  • Social Media Manager
  • Course builder
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Unified inbox
  • Email marketing
  • Automations & Funnels
  • Mobile app
  • No extra software to install or pay for
Set up and Training

Concierge Setup, self paced learning and one implementation call
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    All Included
  • Users
  • Contacts
  • HELP
    Chat & Tickets
Kick start with 1-1 guidance

4 weekly implementation calls for fast results
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    $4,995 one time
    Built with you
    4 x Weekly Calls
    Integrated to your website

Unified Communications

It’s communication but not as you know it! Manage your communications across email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and Google Business Chat in one place. The unified inbox makes it easy to manage all communication with your prospects and clients from one central location.

Easy lead capture & pipeline management

Simplifies the process of gathering leads from a variety of sources, including phone calls, social media, and online forms. Visual pipeline tools that make it simple to follow the development of each lead and deal, automating tasks as you go – all that data is centrally stored.

Missed call text back

Turn “dead ends” into opportunities! Capture leads, improve response rates, and boost customer satisfaction by acknowledging phone enquiries & offering alternative ways to connect. It’s like converting missed calls into mini sales pitches

Save time with appointment booking

Calendaring for multiple booking types (round robin, group, services), embedded in websites for appointment booking paid or free. Tight integration with Google Calendar, Meet and Stripe it is easy to set up customisable booking forms and automations from that booking.

Why choose CRM for your business?

Our CRM packs a punch in terms of functionality. When we moved to this CRM internally, we saved well over $2,000/year in licensing costs, and consolidated tools into one platform. This saved us untold hours on integration management.

Unlimited Web Pages & Funnels
Build an entire website, and as many content / sales funnels as you need.
Save time
Calendars & Appointment Scheduling
Create calendars for in person appointment booking, one to one meetings, or team meetings.
Deliver Courses & Memberships
Full featured course builder that integrates with automation and membership payments.
Email Marketing & Campaign Builder
Powerful email marketing, automate blog > email campaigns, customise unsubscribe flow.
Automation & Workflow Builder
Automate everything from sales funnels, signups, and onboarding education after your client signs up.
Full CRM - Customer Relationship Manager
Manage all your client communication in one place across email, SMS, Social, WhatsApp.
Easy, Regular Payments
Get paid quickly and easily with simple Stripe account integrations, and product management.
On the go
Mobile App
Take calls and payments via the mobile app on the go and manage your communications.
Social Media Management
Keep your social media feeds full, schedule your posts, and manage enquiries.
Unlimited Forms & Surveys
Build forms and surveys, understand your Net Promoter Score and learn your audience.
Membership Community
Build a community for your clients to collaborate and provide community help.
Digital Signing of Documents
Request digital signatures for your proposals, NDAs and sales contracts.
Get Online Reviews
Use the reputation management tools to gather reviews from your clients.
Live & SMS Chat
Website live chat widget, and 2-way SMS chat for amazing client engagement
Affiliate Program
Run an affiliate program for your biggest fans to help you make sales, and get paid
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All features, self paced learning
Get Started
$4,995 one time fee
Get up and running faster with tailored automations and capture for your business
Get Started
Full Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Funnels/Landing Pages Unlimited Unlimited
Calendar/Appointment Booking
Unlimited Unlimited
Online Courses & Memberships
Unlimited Unlimited
Email Marketing Campaigns
Unlimited Unlimited
Automation/Workflow Builder
Unlimited Unlimited
Social Media Scheduler
Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Forms & Surveys
Unlimited Unlimited
Online Store with eCommerce
Unlimited Unlimited
Build a Membership Community
Unlimited Unlimited
Request Digital Signing of Documents
Unlimited Unlimited
Team Users Unlimited Unlimited
30 day money back
Phone & SMSSee Usage CostsSee Usage Costs
Concierge Setup
Self Paced Learning
Online Community Help
Support24/7 Live Chat & Email24/7 Live Chat & Email
Onboarding call90 minutes with a CMO90 minutes with a CMO
Weekly Implementation Call4 hours over 4 weeks
Concierge Setup$450Included
Get StartedGet Started

Simplify and Save

You will save money, time and frustration.

By replacing a lot of software that was tenuously wired together, we saved over $2,000/year just in software costs.

When we then considered the integration costs and management of all these different platforms, it was well into $5,000/year.

Now we have a tool that is easier to manage when onboarding and offboarding users, we deal with less integrations (because the CRM has visibility of all the parts) and we are creating magic in terms of new client onboarding, sales process and support.

Usage Charges

A few of the common questions and as many answers as we could compile!

Phone and SMS costs are not included and are billed separately at the end of the month. All figures are in USD are ar converted to your billing currency once a month.

Making Calls

USA & Canada $0.020/min (Landlines & Mobiles)

UK $0.017/min (Landlines)  $0.030/min (Mobiles)

Australia $0.036/min (Landlines) $0.071/min (Mobiles)

Receiving Calls

USA & Canada $0.013/min (Landlines & Mobiles)

UK $0.014/min (Landlines) $0.011/min (Mobiles)

Australia $0.014/min (Landlines)  $0.011/min (Mobiles)

Sending SMS

USA & Canada $0.012

UK $0.060

Australia $0.074

Receiving SMS

USA & Canada $0.012

UK $0.012

Australia $0.012

Phone numbers

A wide range of phone numbers are available in many countries. Phone numbers range from $1.50/month through to $12/month depending on type (toll free, local or mobile) and country.

Additional fees apply for the following Premium Services throughout the platform:

  • Premium Triggers & Actions cost $0.02/action. $10 = 500 actions
  • Workflow AI costs $0.06/action. $10 = 165 prompts. $10 = 165 prompts. First 100 Free
  • Content AI costs $0.18/1000 words and $0.12/image. $10 = 55,000 words

We didn’t build all thois ourselves. The software behind this is called Go High Level. You can sign up yourself directly to GHL and do all the work yourself to get set up and running at USD$99/month.

Selecting your CRM and working with SixFive you get

  • access to our team to help you
  • benefits of a number of pre-installed configurations
  • up and running faster
  • don’t need to learn the technicals
  • where we also manage your domain, Google Workspace and website cleaner integrations and email delivery configurations

Most frequently asked questions about our CRM

What do you do for me?

We’ll configure your account with all the necessary domain settings so you can get to work. This means your emails will have the highest chance of hitting the inbox.

Your initial configuration will also contain:

  • Basic email template
  • RSS to email campaign ready to go
  • One calendar ready to take bookings
  • Contact form
  • Custom Unsubscribe flow
  • High ticket lead sales funnel
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When do I get my onboarding call?

When you sign up we’ll go through and do your initial set up.

When your account is ready you will get to login, and you can sign up to our guided set up course.

Once you have completed the initial part of this course we’ll send you a link to book your onboarding call.

We do it in this order to ensure you get the big value from us to plan your automations and strategy, not spending time connecting your social media accounts.

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How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

We can set up a lot of your system for you, but there are things you will need to do yourself. This is because we do not have access to your email, social media accounts and calendar.

But don’t worry – we’ll help you connect all these things in our online course. You will need about 1 hour to complete these steps and will start to see benefits really quickly.

Once you have done these steps you will be able to book your onboarding call with us. We need this to happen like this because we can’t teach you or plan for your success without your accounts being connected first!

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