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  • Compliant with global privacy laws
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  • Auto updated when the laws change
  • Policies completed in ~90 mins
  • Protects your website and eCommerce
  • Includes Terms & Conditions
  • Cookie Consent system
  • Simple pricing
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Terms, Legals and Privacy are so boring!

Yes they are, but if your website collects information, has a contact form, uses analytics or collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from visitors in other ways, you need a Privacy Policy.

This is 99% of websites 

There are Penalties for not having a Privacy Policy in Australia!

Not having a Privacy Policy can mean you are subject to fines from $2,500 to €20,000,000 for a GDPR violation. That’s just the fine, you will also need a lot of time, and lawyers to deal with the complaint and get back to work.

This is a bad day.

Save yourself a bunch of time, money and guesswork.

We need to look after our customer's data, not by copy and paste, templates, or by guessing, but by being good humans.

Who is compliant?

Here is what we found when we reviewed 100 small business websites we are familiar with in October 2021

Nearly 50% of sites had no Privacy Policy but still collect data

27% of sites had a Privacy Policy, with no update date

7% not updated in the last 24 months or more

Only 5% of sites we reviewed were updated in the last 12 months

What is Included?

You will get a login to your Legal portal, so you can make changes whenever you like. The Termageddon team will watch the laws for you and automatically update your policies when required. You will even get an email when they do this!

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policies on websites disclose how you collect, use and disclose personally identifiable information. This could be a name, email, address or phone number. The Australia Privacy Act of 1988 – a privacy law that protects the PII of Australians requires you to have a Privacy Policy. However, it is not about where you are, it’s about where your visitor is from.
Coming Soon to Australia
A Disclaimer is a statement that limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for due to the website. It is required when you advertise third-party products or services, deal with information or products in health & fitness, provide advice that could be seen as legal or financial advice, or participate in affiliate programs.
Terms & Conditions
Your terms and conditions lessen your liability by spelling out what warranty if any, you offer on purchases made through your website or on the website itself and protects your intellectual property, and save costs if a dispute were to arise, and reduce damages that you may be responsible for.
Coming Soon to Australia
End User License Agreement
End User License Agreements (EULA) are used by tech companies to form an agreement with a user of their software, it details the rules of using that software. It helps software vendors limit liability, protect intellectual property and maintain control over the software by restricting it certain uses or activities (i.e. the purpose it was designed for).

USA based clients only at this time

How does this magic work?

We are a Certified Privacy Partner with Termageddon the wizard legal team behind this product. This means we can help you generate and install your legal to your website or app and if you have questions, we can bring in the big brains to help you out.

Top questions about Policy Policy and Terms Generators

Why a generator is better than a template, what is the dog's name, and more answers.

Our Privacy Policy Generator works for Australian businesses that operate a website or application that collects information from its visitors and customers.

Not only do we cover your Australian visitors, but also United States, Canada, United Kingdom and European Union residents.

There are thousands of places to get a template, some are even free. You can quickly run through change your details and pop it on your website.

However it may not be the best choice as these are static, and how do you know when the laws change and you should update your policy? It is also not customised to your business, and so automatically you may not be compliant, facing a higher risk of privacy-related fines and lawsuits.

Lawyers are expensive, and sometimes simply too expensive for startups and small businesses. On top of the large initial fee you then have to re-engage them to update the policies, and even monitor the legal around the globe to know when something changes. this is why Termageddon’s generator gets you the best of both worlds – a comprehensive generator covering multiple jurisdictions at an affordable cost.

Absolutely you can. When you go through the initial set up you answer a number of questions about your business. You can then change these at any time you like by logging in to the Privacy Generator portal. You will be given a username and password after purchase.

Even better, you can have a lawyer review the policies and if there is something that you need to override, add or change, this can be done as well. This is the best of both worlds where you can also then have very specific terms for your business written by your legal team, while all the general stuff gets updated around it.

We felt your pain, looked for a solution and we tried Termageddon first. We loved it so we did their training and got certified. If you are already a customer of SixFive you know we only sell awesome products that we already use.

Because we already did this for ourselves, we know the system, have learnt a bunch and therefore can get lots done for you, while you get on with business. Much like when you ask your accountant a question – you don’t go and learn the tax code to answer it yourself!

If your site is not on WordPress, then yes you can use this system.

It can be installed on Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow and more.

Yes, you should put each on a separate page, so each has its own link and address (see our Footer).

Article 7 of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides that when the processing of data is based on the user giving consent, you must be able to show that the user agreed to the processing of the data.

This means that if you place all your policies on one page, you will not be able to show that the user agreed to the processing of their data because they agreed to all-of-the-things. So the user could say “Yes, I agreed to the Terms of Service, but not to the Privacy Policy.”

If GDPR doesn’t apply to you, this is still good practice. For example, the California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003, which states that you must “conspicuously post” the Privacy Policy. This means a separate link.

We did promise you that! The dog’s name is Lucy.

She’s a supervisor, she always has her ears open for new developments, and with one eye open ready for snack time.

The Cookie Consent tool has pricing that includes a generous 25,000 sessions per month. If your site has more traffic than this, let’s chat about your options.

Lawyer approved or your money back.

If you get your lawyer to review these policies and they are not 100% impressed, your money back, no questions asked.

We use our products too.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms are at the bottom of the page. Take a look - we have these too! Need help? Give us a call on 02 80065082 or use the live chat.