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All plans include

  • No commitment
  • Plugin Updates
  • Email delivery issues
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Fast Expert Support

Keeping things ticking a long with a regular service (just like your car)
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  • Updates
  • Recover
    Nightly Backup

Help with content changes, adding blog posts etc using our team.
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    10% off Hosting
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    3 small tasks/month
  • Legals
    Self Updating Privacy Policy

Maintenance & Servicing - Just like your car

It’s not an oil change, but your site needs to be kept up to date like a Tesla. New features and patches are required to be installed regularly. We’ll take care of your plugins and theme as well to ensure your site runs well.

Protect your business asset

Your website represents your company 24 hours a day so it’s an important asset, even more so if it collects money for you from a store, or saves you admin time with bookings. We’ll make sure it’s secure, hacker free and runs well all day every day.

Changes and additions when you need them

Whilst you may know how to make changes yourself, you may not have the time – we can help you do these. If you are actively publishing and driving traffic to your site you will also want to regularly update and change features. We are here when you need us.

Not confident yet?

It’s very natural to be hesitant about hitting update, but we are here for you. There are lot’s of ways to protect you and your site so if you make a mistake we can help you undo it. Think of us like a safety net – here in the background when you really need it!

What do the Care Plans include?

There's a lot more to keeping your site in tip top shape than simply doing a few updates every now and again. Check out what else we do for you each month.

We’ll connect and install Google Analytics for you so you get a baseline of what happens on your site.
24/7 Monitoring
We keep an eye on your site from various locations around the world. If it stops working then we’ll know before you put down your coffee.
Offsite Backups
We backup your site and keep it away from your server, so it passes the Hit By a Bus Test, in case things go really really wrong.
Monthly Report
Accountability is important so we’ll send you a report each month on our activity, and what has happened on your site.
Hack checks
We watch the code on your site to see if anything happens that is out of the ordinary, catching hackers before they can do any damage.
If you do get hacked, we’ll fix it for free. We’ve been known to manually trawl every line of code on a site to find the problem.
As your site grows so does your databasse – we’ll periodically clean up old and temporary data to keep it clean as a whistle.
Video training library
Access our extensive video training library on basic editing through to managing ecommerce through the SixFive Academy.
Improve & up
Software Licenses
We’ll cover your premium plugin licenses for you, plus add in a few that you didn’t know you needed. One less bill for you to pay.
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Pay annually get 2 months free!
Minimum monthly maintenance
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Pay annually get 2 months free!
Updates and a little help each month
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Premium plugins and annual site reviews
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Theme & Plugin Updates
Secure Offsite Cloud BackupsNightlyNightlyNightly
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Wordpress Video Library
Database Optimisation
Monthly Maintenance Report
Hack CleanupLast BackupTargetedTargeted
Wordpress Hosting Discount10%15%
Small Support Tasks3/month6/month
Keyword tracking
Self updating Privacy Policy & Terms $20/month value $20/month value
Premium Plugin Pack
Site ReviewAnnually
Ecommerce support
Blacklist ChecksMonthly
Deep Security ScanMonthlyMonthly
SupportLive Chat & EmailLive Chat, Email & PhoneLive Chat, Email & Phone
Get StartedGet StartedGet Started

Looking for more regular hands on and proactive management?

Our Grow plan includes monthly strategy sessions, 20% off your hosting, and 10 hours of work per month plus monthly strategy sessions. We can also custom make a plan for you depending on your needs.

Case Studies

Read about how our client's get positive impact from implementing Google Workspace in their business.


A few of the common questions and as many answers as we could compile!

If these plugins are in our Essential Plugin Pack, and you are on the Improve Care Plan – yes we will. 

These include, but are not limited to

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • WP Bakery composer
  • WP Data Tables
  • Amelia
  • WPForms Pro
  • Divi
  • RankMath Pro

We take a quick look to make sure your site is still working, as well as a spot check on certain functional areas if they may have been impacted by a plugin update. 

Because we also employ functional monitoring on your site (i.e does a certain text appear on the page), if it breaks we will also get notified quickly.

Most update issues can be fixed within a few minutes. If one of these affects your website we will resolve it without additional cost to you. If a fix is likely to take longer we will estimate the cost for you, suggest appropriate alternatives, or back the update out for you.

Yes – we guarantee what we tell you with regards to security and malware – so if it goes wrong we will fix it for free and prevent it from happening again. The whole purpose of our Care Packages is preventative care, so we work hard to prevent anything from happening. 

Be aware that the number one way these attacks happen is from a user having a very easy to guess password – so we will also insist you update passwords where necessary.

We will ask you to ensure you do this, and rotate these passwords regularly.

When you start with us we’ll ask you to take our Academy course on security to make sure you are up to speed on the best practice for your digital life.

Typically this is a job we can complete for you within 30 minutes. If it will take longer, we will let you know and if it’s obviously a decent size, get your approval for the time before commencing. 

Like a lawyer’s retainer, all of our support time hours are offered on a use-it-or-lose it basis. No time or task credits can be banked from one month to the next.

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we will submit an estimate for you to approve separately at your discounted development rate. Development work will be billed at a discounted rate if on the Improve or Grow plans.

Our Care Plans deliver far more value than you can purchase yourself.

For example (prices in USD):

  • RankMath Pro is $5/month/site
  • FathomAnalytics is $14/month
  • Cookie Consent is $12/month
  • Our Premium plugin pack is $83/month
  • Ad-hoc technical time $160/hour
  • Total approximately $400 AUD

Add to this our years of experience and knowledge building out our best practice knowledge for your site.

Looking for a local expert? We're here.

Our team of WordPress Experts are ready for your call. Give us a call on 02 80065082 or use the live chat.

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