Google Workspace, the leading cloud office suite

Secure productivity and collaboration on any device, anywhere.

The centre of your business

Your business relies on email, data storage and the ability to work from anywhere at anytime, often collaborating with colleagues in remote locations or other countries.

Google Workspace provides a core set of tools that you will use more than anything else in your business to keep your customers, team and cash flowing.

Your Google Workspace options

We have a range of deployment options to help your startup, small business or enterprise - and the ongoing care plans with education to help you succeed.

Get started on the world’s best cloud platform as the solid foundations for your business. Work and collaborate with anyone, from any device, at any time.
Business Plans
For the Enterprise
More than 300 seats, or have specific Enterpriser requirements such as data compliance, retention holds and end user device management?
Enterprise Plans
For the Nonprofit
Are you a registered nonprofit looking to reduce your monthly outgoings, reduce IT dysfunction and get control over your internal process?
Nonprofit Plans
Care Plans
Get the most out of your investment, reduce overheads, wasted time looking for answers – we are here to take care of your staff, your organisation and help you keep your IP secure.
Cloud Backup
Data is your world. Protect against accidental deletion, overwrites, virus infections and bit locker style malware. All your data, offsite, 3 times a day.

Why use a partner for your Google Workspace account?

As a Certified Google Cloud Partner we are your technology partner – helping to ensure that your business is always online, productive, and that you have access to friendly, expert support when you need it.

Existing Accounts
If you’ve started your Google Workspace account and are already using it, we can still help you get the most out of it. When we start we’ll assess your account, identify security weaknesses and align your domain correctly for reliable inbox delivery.
Moving from another platform?
We can migrate your content from another platform – email, contacts, calendars and documents from storage platforms OneDrive, DropBox and others, and email from POP/IMAP and Microsoft Exchange.
Consolidate and Simplify
Unlock unlimited storage and business collaboration features with Google Workspace while saving up to 74% by removing duplicate subscriptions for platforms like Zoom and Dropbox, or anti-spam software like Barracuda.

How is Google Workspace different?

Get our two page report showing how Google Workspace enables your team to do their best work, from anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about Google Workspace

Google is cheaper than you!

Yes, you can go direct to Google and set up Google Workspace. The downside is you’ll be missing out on all of our expertise learned from helping thousand’s of clients over the last ten years.

As a Certified Google Cloud Partner we are reselling their product, and they get most of the cash. As a business we know how important good support is, so we add $1/user/month to your costs to help us provide quality support without you paying the full cost of an outsourced IT support company.

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How do I buy and pay?

Get started with Google Workspace immediately by selecting your plan and clicking buy now. WE are available on live chat, or contact sales.

We’ll get you set up quickly, and you can pay by credit card or by direct debit monthly or annually.

Your annual contract starts on the lowest number of Users required, and you can increase, paying pro-rata costs for any new Users to the end of your contract term. On renewal of your term we reduce that cost as you reduce your users.

Even if you pay monthly you will have a 12 month annual commitment.

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What is a user?

A User is defined as one human being in your organization, and they get their own personalized email address (you@yourcompany). It is best practice to give each person in your company their own login & password, then grant access to email, documents and services as required and provides you with security of your data, and accountability of each user’s actions.

Without their own account how would you be able to invite them to meetings, share a contract document with them, give them access to your valuable intellectual property, effectively ensure they are denied access when they leave your employ?

Group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are included in pricing and don’t count as additional users.

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Looking for a local expert? We're here.

Our team of Google Certified Collaboration Engineers are ready for your call. Give us a call on 02 80065082 or use the live chat.

Go to Business Plans
For less than 300 users and SME business requirements then Google Workspace Business might be for you
Go to Care Plans
Get the most out of Google Workspace with best practice configuration for your organisation and training for your users.