Cloud backup for Google Workspace

All of your important documents protected from accident deletion

All plans include

  • Backup of email, documents, calendar & contacts
  • Incremental back up three times a day
  • Easy one click restore
  • Concierge support for recovery
  • Defense against cloud virus infection
  • Recovery from ransomware attacks
  • Protection from human error
  • Simple per user pricing
1 Year Retention
Recommended for all businesses
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    12 months
    Google Drive & Shared Drives
    Email, Calendar, Contacts
Infinite Retention
Recommended for compliance businesses (Finance, Healthcare etc)
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    60 months
    Google Drive & Shared Drives
    Email, Calendar, Contacts

Reduce Business Risk

Backup protects our clients against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss. The restore process put back critical emails or content lost due to user error, malicious activity, or application outages.

Automated, continuous backup

Protect Google Workspace applications against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss with 3x daily, automated backups or perform additional backups as needed, at any time.

One click restore

Flexible restore options allow you to recover lost data quickly while retaining file and folder structure in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Restore can be to the original user or to another.

Secure & Compliant to the highest standards

SaaS Protection backs up data in compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC 1/ SSAE 16 and SOC 2 Type II) reporting standards and supports your HIPAA and GDPR compliance needs.

Why use a partner for your Google Workspace account?

As a Certified Google Cloud Partner we are your technology partner – helping to ensure that your business is always online, productive, and that you have access to friendly, expert support when you need it.

Top questions about Cloud Backup for Google Workspace

Let's look at how pricing works, your commitment and how you pay.

The backup licensing is flexible so you can apply backup to only certain users within your account. It is a per user per month pricing configuration.

As organizations increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many believe that traditional best practices such as data backup are outdated. After all, SaaS applications are always available, accessible from anywhere, and highly redundant, so why is backup necessary?

An astonishing 1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. The single leading cause of this data loss? End-user error.

Other common culprits include:

  • Malware or ransomware attacks
  • Malicious end-user activity
  • Accidental data overwrites
  • Canceled account subscriptions

With more and more companies depending on Google Workspace for collaboration and business operations, these risks are impossible to ignore.

Backup is just as important in the cloud as in traditional on-premises IT systems. An independent, third-party, SaaS backup solution is the best way to protect organizations against the most common data loss pitfalls.

While Google Vault does include some primitive recovery capabilities, it does not protect against:

  • Data loss due to permanent deletion: If an admin or end user permanently deletes data, files are only recoverable for a short period of time. Plus, it doesn’t provide admins the granular control they need—only a restore of all deleted items in a 25 day window.
  • Data loss due to a ransomware attack: If your business suffers a ransomware attack, Google doesn’t allow you to roll-back your data to a point-in-time before the corruption occurred. If you cannot restore your data to the point before the attack happened, you end up losing not only your valuable business data, but also a hefty sum of money to criminals—without any guarantee your files will be unlocked, or any future protection from the same attack.
  • Time lost in recovering files: The time it takes to recover data from the cloud might take longer than what your business can afford. It can take anywhere from minutes to weeks or longer to restore lost data.
  • Data loss due to inactive licenses: As one would expect, an active Google Workspace license is required to access Google Workspace data. Unfortunately, inactive or deprovisioned user data is permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.

You will contact us with details of the file – the name, owner and the folder it was located in, and we’ll find the versions available so you can choose what to restore, and where to restore it to.

Once your subscription is in place we’ll send you an invite so you can login and authorise access to your account – this myst be done by a Super Administrator. We’ll need to make a few configuration tweaks in your Google Workspace account and then we select the users you wish to protect. Backups will start immediately.

Infinite retention means as long as you are a subscriber we’ll keep the data for you, right from the moment you sign up.

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