Request administrative-level access for your WordPress website.

Please review the terms of this agreement and fill out the form below.

  1. Full administrator accounts can access many site-breaking settings that can be difficult to trace and resolve. SixFive will not be held responsible nor liable for fixing problems made by other administrators and will charge our normal hourly rate.
  2. Administrator account passwords should be complex, at least 16 characters long, and unique from other websites/software. Passwords should never be shared or used on another website/service. We recommend using a password manager, such as BitWarden or Dashlane.
  3. Two-factor authentication (2fa) may be enforced on your site for Administrators and Editors. As these users have elevated permissions to potentially damage your website, our security system will remove damaging actions until the user is unauthenticated.
  4. Administrator accounts can create new user accounts, including additional Admin accounts. Any new Admin users you create are subject to the terms laid out on this page.
  5. Administrator accounts are capable of installing new plugins. Any new plugins should first be discussed with SixFive before installation. Plugins can easily break the entire site if not properly tested in a staging environment. Code Freeze may be enforced on your site to prevent this.
  6. Administrator accounts can change and edit themes. However, theme changes should not be made without SixFive’s involvement. Code Freeze may be enforced on your site to prevent this.
  7. Caching and security plugins we install are essential to the running of your site, and should not be disabled or uninstalled.
  8. Administrator accounts can access and edit CSS, PHP, and plugin code directly. Direct code edits to themes, child themes, or plugins should never be made without consulting SixFive. Code Freeze on your site may enforce this.
  9. No code snippet plugins should be installed as they pose a security risk to your site.
  10. SixFive’s custom plugin ‘SixFive Maintenance’ should not be deleted while the site is hosted and maintained by SixFive.
  11. Password resets for Administrators and Editors are never sent by email because email is inherently insecure. If access issues occur must be addressed by raising a support request with our team, and a new password will be sent by SMS to the user.
  12. At no time should SixFive’s admin user account be deleted while the site is hosted and maintained by SixFive.

Please note that if Admin privileges are being requested to migrate the site elsewhere, we will first need to remove all paid plugin licenses and our internal client management plugin.