SixFive becomes a Termageddon Privacy Partner

We’re pleased to announce that SixFive is now a certified Termageddon Privacy Partner, which makes us their first Australian partner.

We’re pleased to announce that SixFive is now a certified Termageddon Privacy Partner, which makes us their first Australian partner. After undertaking rigorous training, we’ve become a Data Privacy Agency Certified Partner for a proactive approach to our legislative alignment, and of course, for our clients’ business safety.

If you aren’t familiar with Termageddon, it is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator recognised by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The solution monitors all of your privacy laws while keeping your policies compliant and up-to-date, reviewed by legal professionals.

This partnership is a massive addition to our repertoire, given that small businesses are at increasing risk for privacy concerns. Privacy legislation is being rewritten all over the world at an overwhelming pace – yet, most small businesses still rely on static Privacy Policy templates. This is a mistake, which can make them susceptible for privacy-related fines and lawsuits.

In Australia, these fines can range anywhere from $2,500 to €20,000,000. This is enough money to shut a small business down, not to mention the additional costs to cover the damage. That’s why partnering with legal experts was a huge step for us, as well as for our clients.

Why is Termageddon a Great Solution?

By working with Termageddon partners like us, business owners can save thousands of dollars for only an hour of time. Compared to paying over $1,000 for a lawyer to write a one-time policy, you’ll only be paying $150 a year for a Privacy Policy that updates itself as your legislation changes. It’s unlikely to stop changing, and worrying about it can be counterproductive. This is a job better left to legal professionals.

All of the policies are written by specialist data privacy lawyers for the EU, US and Australia. What’s more, if ever required, a lawyer will review and overwrite your custom policy and/or Terms of Agreement. So rest assured that your legals are in the best hands.

That means you’ll be paying less than half of the traditional price for a self-updating Privacy Policy. This will prevent consumers from suing your business – or any business, for that matter – for not having a compliant policy in place. It’s a solution that comes in handy, particularly because a website’s Privacy Policy is something people tend to set and forget. It’s boring, yet necessary for 99% of websites. Yours included.

Let Us Deal with the Legal Side of Your Website, So You Can Focus on What Matters

Thanks to Termageddon, we’re now able to provide our clients with their own Legal Portal, which their team will constantly monitor. When required, the Privacy Policy will be automatically updated, and clients will always be notified when this happens.

The entire process from configuration to installment is done in about 60 minutes. Plus, Terms and Conditions updates are included in the package, so your intellectual property is also protected. You’ll have full access to all of your Legal information – only with Termageddon, you won’t have to worry about it like you used to.

If you’d like a hassle-free and self-updating Privacy Policy to fully protect your Website and eCommerce, we’ve got the right plan for you. Go to to correct your Privacy Policy and your Tems and Conditions, end the guesswork, and save money.

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton

Educated as a web developer, with over 20 years of internet based work and experience, Duncan is a Google Workspace Certified Collaboration Engineer and a WordPress expert.
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