SixFive Demonstrates Expertise In Work Transformation with Google Cloud

We’re proud to announce that SixFive has now earned the expertise “stamp” in Work Transformation from Google.

Originally a Google Partner since 2011, we’re proud to announce that SixFive has now earned the expertise “stamp” in Work Transformation from Google. After 20+ years of experience, this is a great recognition of skills and expertise.

If you’re a SixFive customer, or are planning to be one soon, here’s why you should be just as excited as we are.

We believe that the right partnership can transform businesses. That’s what we tell our clients all the time. They’ve partnered with us, they’ve made the right choice, and therefore we’ll give them full confidence and control over their business technology.

That’s exactly what Google Workspace did for us, it is at the core of our business, and since we became a Google Cloud Partner, we’ve been able to empower hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses through our knowledge around the platform.

Why should you work with a Certified Google Cloud Partner, you ask? The answer is: because they are, quite literally, built in a different and better way. Here’s why.

Why Should You Work with a Certified Google Cloud Partner?

Working with Certified partners gives you more than an edge in your business. Working with a partner means you’ll be collaborating with professionals whose expertise is backed by Google. So, if you’re looking for a team with proven expertise under their belts, SixFive are recognised as a partner to trust.

You can work with a Google Cloud partner that best fits your organisation’s needs, at any moment, from anywhere. At SixFive, for instance, we’re from all over the globe, but that certainly doesn’t stop us from doing what we do every single day in Australia. Thanks to the flexibility Google Workspace provides us, we’re able to seamlessly connect and achieve success in our business – while helping our clients do the same.

Not to mention, business challenges can crop up at any moment. We’ve seen so many of them in the last 2 years! The great news is, these challenges won’t be nearly as demanding when you have the constant support of certified professionals who focus on secure productivity and collaboration.

Spending time and money on empty solutions will no longer be a problem when you’re laser-focused on what needs to be solved. No more guesswork. No more paralysing fear of losing your business for problems that have solutions. Thankfully, with a partner, these solutions will be available to you.

We’re One of Them. And We Can’t Wait to Transform Your Business Next

We’re extremely happy to be recognised for our commitment to our clients, and we’re even happier for helping them be more productive and collaborative in their businesses. After all, we believe technology should work for everybody, and that business owners shouldn’t shy away from exploring the amazing opportunities it has to offer. That’s our mission: to make technology accessible, safe, and rewarding for our clients.

We’re also proud to provide clients with the tools they need to conquer their businesses by themselves, if they so wish. That’s why we present to you our ongoing work in building out training in our academy via Our goal is to expand expertise and skills in our clients’ organisations – so they can train themselves and their teams in growing the safest, most profitable online businesses they possibly can.

Whether you’d like to transform your business by working with us or upskill your team with professional training, you can find out more at

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton

Educated as a web developer, with over 20 years of internet based work and experience, Duncan is a Google Workspace Certified Collaboration Engineer and a WordPress expert.
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