Gemini AI for Google Workspace

Automate Tasks, Fuel Creativity, and Make Better Decisions with Generative AI

Monthly Price
Annual Price

All plans include

  • Google 1.0 Ultra Model
  • Integration to Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Build on AppSheet with AI
  • Generate Images
  • AI Powered Meeting Enhancements
  • Meeting Notes and Actions
  • No extra software to install
Gemini for Business

Suitable for daily AI use
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    Use in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, AppSheet
  • USE
    1,000 per user/month
Gemini Enterprise

For heavy AI users
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  • MEET
    Live translated captions
    AI Classification Tools
    No limits on use
    Generate Meeting Notes

Consistent, error free writing

Streamline business email and document creation with AI-powered writing assistance. Gemini eliminates tedious writing tasks in Docs and Gmail, saving your team valuable time in ideation and drafting.

Generate high-quality business emails and documents in seconds with Gemini.

Visualise your content

Use Gemini to generate images for social media, articles and presentations. In Google Slides to create custom images. Enter a prompt to describe the image you want.

Gemini will generate options that you can add to your content.

Get Organised

Gemini in Google Sheets can be used to manage tasks and events, like creating an agenda for a conference or keeping track of tasks. Type a prompt that explains the information you wish to arrange and Gemini will create a sheet, complete with placeholder data, to your spreadsheet.

Productive AI powered meetings

Ask Gemini to create an illustration of a magical forest for your next meeting background, use studio look, lighting and sound to fixing issues caused by low light or low-quality webcams, less than ideal lighting conditions and audio issues. Have your meeting translated using live captions to remove language proficiency barriers and make Meet video calls more inclusive and collaborative.

Why use SixFive as your Google Workspace Partner

As a Certified Google Cloud Partner we are your technology partner – helping to ensure that your business is always online, productive, and that you have access to friendly, expert support when you need it.

As a Google Cloud Partner we provide you with access to qualified Google Cloud Collaboration Engineers when you need it by email or phone. No more time wasted looking in Google for an answer – you’ll get an result in no time!
We can migrate your content from another platform – email, contacts, calendars and documents from storage platforms OneDrive, DropBox and others, and email from POP/IMAP and Microsoft Exchange.
Consolidate and Simplify
Unlock unlimited storage and business specific collaboration features with Google Workspace Business Standard while saving up to 74% by removing duplicate subscriptions for platforms like Zoom and Dropbox, or anti-spam software like Barracuda.

Get a 30 day Free Trial of Gemini for Google Workspace Enterprise

Case Studies

Read about how our client's get positive impact from implementing Google Workspace in their business.

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Gemini Business
For most business users
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Gemini Enterprise
No limits for heavy users
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Integrated: Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

Integrated: Gmail

AppSheet: Build apps using AI

Meet: Live Caption Translation

Admin: Automatically classify and preserve confidential information


1000 requests/user/monthUnlimited


Google Workspace Business Starter (or above)Google Workspace Business Standard (or above)


12 Months12 Months
Get StartedGet Started

Note that Gemini for Google Workspace is not available on the Google Workspace Business Starter. We can help you upgrade. 

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Most frequently asked questions about Gemini for Google Workspace

How much does using Gemini with Workspace cost?

The Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise subscription plans are the two that can be customised to meet your needs. Business is a fantastic place to start because it provides essential features at a reasonable cost. For users who need more features or are in high volume, Gemini Enterprise offers a scalable solution.

Gemini can be licensed for selected users in your organisation, and does not need to be licensed to every Google Workspace user.

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How can I become proficient in using Workspace with Gemini?

When you start your Free Trial for Google Gemini, we’ll walk you through the features over a number of days with our handy email-based guided learning.

Beyond that, Google provides a range of resources to help you make the most of Gemini. With all these resources available, including extensive training materials and supportive services, you’ll quickly become an expert Gemini user within Workspace.

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Is Google Gemini safe for my data?

A primary concern for Google Workspace is security. Gemini follows stringent data privacy guidelines to guarantee the privacy of your personal information. You can take advantage of Workspace’s strong security features and the extra assurance that Google’s dedication to data protection provides.

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