Can Google Vault Replace SaaS Cloud Backup as a Backup Solution?

The “Cloud” has a fairly broad umbrella when it comes to online data. In short, it stores, manages, and processes said data, all without paying for, building, and maintaining an IT infrastructure on-premise.

Part of successfully running a business is knowing where to spend and where not to spend.

Keeping an eye open for redundant expenses and ensuring every aspect of your budget brings value runs hand-in-hand with keeping profitable.

So, it’s understandable to question whether you need Cloud backup if your Google Workspace package already includes Google Vault.

At first glance, the two solutions seem similar since they both revolve around data.

However, Google Vault and Cloud backup don’t perform the same function. Nor does one cancel out the other. We’ll elaborate further in the content written below:

What is Cloud Backup?

The “Cloud” has a fairly broad umbrella when it comes to online data. In short, it stores, manages, and processes said data, all without paying for, building, and maintaining an IT infrastructure on-premise.

Data protection has evolved alongside Cloud computing, resulting in SaaS Cloud backup, an off-site data storage method that protects information.

Companies using Cloud backup have enjoyed its high levels of efficiency as an alternative to traditional approaches to backup. It sends a copy of the data over a secured or public network to a server on the cloud.

Cloud backup – much like the Cloud – is an on-demand product, flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any business. From there, it’s possible to safely access data from multiple access points and share it with several cloud users.

What is Google Vault?

Google Vault’s retention capabilities revolve around eDiscovery and archiving.

The data retention capabilities of Vaults extends across nearly all things Google, such as Gmail messages, Google chat messages (with history turned on), Google Voice, Google Sites, etc. Moreover, it holds this data for however long is needed.

Unlike with Cloud backup, the primary function of Google Vault doesn’t have anything to do with quick data restoration. Instead, it streamlines data storage for a business’s most valuable information, making it more straightforward to find specific items when needed.

SaaS Cloud Backup Features Versus Google Vault

What Features Are available with Cloud Backup?

Here’s a list of features and benefits you’ll enjoy while using SaaS Cloud backup solutions on the market:

  • With Cloud backup, you’ll often find what you need with its one-click restoration capabilities. You’ll then retrieve critical emails or content which otherwise might have been lost–not just files and folders.
  • Data is protected from being wiped out (whether maliciously or otherwise) by regularly scheduled automated backups (3x per day) and any additional backups.
  • Cloud backup is compliant with the Service Organization Control reporting standards while supporting all needs involving HIPAA and GDPR compliance.
  • Cloud backup protects your organisation from Cloud-based viruses & BitLocker malware.
  • These solutions are provided by a third-party vendor, meaning you’ll receive concierge support for recovery.

What Features Are available with Google Vault?

Here’s a list of features and benefits you’ll enjoy while using Google Vault:

  • The advanced search module on Google Vault let’s businesses quickly comb through and find valuable information from Gmail messages, Hangouts conversations, user’s Drive files, etc.
  • When necessary, Google Vault allows users to remove and delete sensitive data after a set time. After configuring Vault to get rid of the information from an account, it’ll purge it from all Google systems.
  • Users can export Vault’s search results for retained data to share with relevant parties (e.g., CEO, legal team).
  • It’s possible to gather valuable information even from a suspended account.

Price Comparison

How Much Does SaaS Cloud Backup Cost?

At SixFive, we charge $4 per month per user for our SaaS Cloud backup for Google Workspace for the 1-year retention plan. This is ideal for almost all businesses.

We also offer a 5-year retention plan at $5 per month per user for compliance-focused businesses (e.g., healthcare, finance).

How Much Does Google Vault Cost?

We charge $17.80 per month for up to 300 users on our standard business plan. Keep in mind, this would mean paying for the Google Workspace in general since it comes with Vault.

Why is Cloud Backup Important?

Cloud Backup’s recovery and restoration capabilities are advanced and streamlined to meet the needs of almost any business.

Conversely, Google Vault doesn’t protect against permanent deletion of data. Without SaaS Cloud backup, if an end-user permanently deletes data, there’s only a short window for recovery with Vault.

Whereas SaaS Cloud backup can recover deleted data and at a granular level.

Plus, Saas Cloud backup’s one-click restoration is unrivalled, you can select a file to restore it directly back to it’s original location or to another user or another location. Comparatively, Google Vault is a manual process to download from Vault and then re-upload through a series of steps and downloaded files, which takes time and businesses often can’t afford.

Provided your organisation suffers a ransomware attack, Vault is limited in how it helps with recovery and restoration.

For one, Vault won’t allow you to roll back your data to a point-in-time before the corruption.

SaaS Cloud backup gives you that ability, protecting your valuable business data and preventing criminals from escaping with your company’s money.

Furthermore, Cloud backup protects your organisation from a similar attack in the future. Plus, there’s a guarantee that your files will be unlocked.

Often, organisations mistakenly think that moving to cloud-based applications has made data backup irrelevant in today’s landscape. But the risks are still very prevalent, with 33% of companies citing cloud-based data loss, whether due to end-user mistakes or malicious attacks.

Despite the futuristic convenience of Cloud-based apps, backup methods remain vital–just as they were with on-premise IT systems.

Use Cases Where Google Vault Outshines SaaS Cloud Backup

Yes, Cloud backup is unparalleled when protecting your data, but Google Vault brings the following advantages to the table.

Use Case #1: A Disgruntled Employee Deletes Vital Data on the Google Drive

We never want to admit it, but on rare occasions, employees aren’t who we thought they were

As such, an employee who’s gone down a dark path may delete critical data from Google Drive, even removing it from the trash.

Google Vault removes the risk in this scenario for Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and Groups. Even if the employee deletes the data permanently across these platforms, you can retain the company’s data for as long as necessary once the retention rules are set with Google Vault.

Use Case #2: Finding Valuable Data for Legal Inquiries

At any given point, your company might deal with legal inquiries and record requests. With Google Vault, you’ll save yourself plenty of time because of the advanced search module.

Through Google Vault, you can search Gmail messages, Hangout conversations, and files in a user’s Drive.

The advanced search module allows you to filter down the search to find hyper-specific conversations in an instant. You can search for emails with specific words, such as “confidential” or ”contract.”

Use Case #3: Exporting Retained Data

Google Vault lets you download retained data that you search for, for whichever purpose. This feature is ideal for when your CEO or legal team needs to review given information.

These downloads are in MBOX format or PST format, but you’ll need an email client (e.g., Outlook) to view them.


We totally understand anybody’s desire to eliminate unnecessary spending. However, your efforts to tighten up your financial bootstraps shouldn’t begin with your Cloud backup solution–even if you already have Google Vaults.

Organisations who already have Google Vault definitely have a valuable tool on their hands. But that’s typically for archiving your data for legal purposes.

With Saas Cloud backup, you’ll protect your company’s data from being breached or lost.

Together, Google Vault and Saas Cloud backup offer your company a versatile, combined solution.

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton

Educated as a web developer, with over 20 years of internet based work and experience, Duncan is a Google Workspace Certified Collaboration Engineer and a WordPress expert.
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